Patient Cases



This 80 yrs old lady suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis was helped a great deal by Carbothera Hydrotherapy treatment , she was almost bed ridden due to immense pain in knee and waist , and because of her age she did not want to go for surgery. After one week treatment .. daily once .. her pain relived and she is able move around with the help of walking stick. After a very long time she was able to attend a family function and meet her close relatives. Now she takes the therapy once in 15 days.


Jyothi Verma

This 74 yrs old Osteo Arthritis patient was just beginning to get pain in knee and ankle and when drugs did not help she wish to try Carbothera ... she had immediate relief from pain. She needs Carbothera once in 15 days.


Maya Shah

This 44 yr old Lady had undergone a surgery for ligament tear , when she kept getting pain even after two months after the surgery and when drugs did not help she was looking for alternatives , she tried carbothera and felt better.


S Latha

This 72 yrs old lady had venous ulcer on her feet from past 3 yrs, when drugs did not work , she tried Carbothera after 11 sessions the ulcers significantly healed.


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